Drumainn provides strategic advice to clients and stakeholders, helping them to grow and flourish.

A boutique management consultancy service, Drumainn will work with the client to understand their needs and aspirations so that advice is tailored to suit their business, growth ambitions and shared values.

Helping clients to GROW
Visioning, strategy development, partnership building and business development strategy

Helping clients to SHARE
Strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, profile building, network development and leadership tools

Giving clients SUPPORT
Governance and decision making, policy development, funding and collaboration opportunities, performance planning and mentoring

Liz Trevor also offers a bespoke mentoring service to individuals on a range of issues covering: confidence building, networking and presentational skills, strategic communication tools and making career choices.

Grow, share, support
YMCA - Youth work and advice

“It was a real pleasure to work with Liz; she is well connected, has a fresh and strategic perspective and an engaging manner which encouraged partners to work alongside us. I would recommend Liz to anyone undertaking a strategic review and needing some extra support or capacity. Liz always goes the extra mile and completes the work to the highest standards.”

Sally Arscott, Area Director, YMCA Fairthorne Group